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4 Tips to Make Your Home Pest Free in This Christmas

So, Christmas is coming! And there are a lot of things lurking in your mind for decorating your home, right? It’s exciting indeed! But the most important thing that you should think about on top of all that is pest control. In Vancouver, winter is the most common season when most households encounter pest infestation. And unfortunately, this can spoil your Christmas celebration.

Don’t worry! Here, we have introduced a few useful tips that can help you prevent unwanted critters from stirring in your house in this festive season.

Some Useful Tips for a Pest-Free Christmas

Check the Trees before Bringing Them in Your Home

Some insects hideout in Christmas trees. They actually try to make their way into your home. And in Vancouver, this happens to some homeowners every year. This is the reason why we suggest checking the trees and other greeneries that you want to bring into your house. Ants and spiders can infest pine and fir trees. And the chance is high that you may find insect eggs in Christmas trees.

Inspect Firewood

Nothing can be better than enjoying Christmas by experiencing the warmth that a fireplace provides. But unfortunately, it can invite a number of household pests that live inside firewood. Ants, termites, carpenter ants usually build their home in piles of firewood. Hence, it’s imperative to inspect and clean them properly before bringing them inside your house. And take small quantities of firewood to be used.

Unbox Decorations with Care

Christmas decorations typically lie dormant for most of the years. And you definitely keep these in warm and dark basements. So, what can be a better place for pests to live in? Your Christmas decorations can be their ideal spot for living. So, when you unpack the decorations, do it carefully so that any pests can’t escape into the rest of your house.

Store Leftover Food Properly

With all the craziness of this festive season, you may forget to clean up the leftover food. Sometimes, they are left out overnight. The dirty dishes are stacked up in the sink. And these are what can attract worms, rodents, etc. Hence, make sure you store all leftover food in containers properly and store them in the fridge this December. And before buying any food, check their expiration date.

Well, these tips will help you reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. But if it gets out of control, consider hiring us. We will provide an eco-friendly pest control solution at an affordable rate.