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5 Signs It’s Time to Take Measures for Mice Control

Are you hearing suspicious scrambling behind walls for some days? Have you found black pellets in the basement? If yes, the chance is high that you have mice in your home. As the weather starts getting colder, these species invade buildings in search of food and shelter. So, wait no more! Call pest exterminators for mice control in Vancouver. But prior to that, check whether you have encountered the following signs or not.

Signs of Mice Infestation


The presence of dropping is the first evidence of mice infestation. They do 50 to 80 droppings per day, which are scattered all over your house. The droppings are elongated in shape. Fresh droppings are dark and moist. And when they age, these will turn grey and crumble easily.

Tears and Holes in Material

If you wonder about unexpected tears, holes in bedding, clothing and other materials, it’s a sure sign that mice are present. They use shredded materials to build nests. Their nests are usually located in cabinets, storage boxes, dark corners, etc.

Foul Smell

Mice infestation can cause a smell like stale urine. You will particularly get this odour in enclosed areas, such as cabinets, pantries, drawers, etc. The smell will also be evident in the areas where they travel, like baseboards and walls. Pest exterminators also pay attention to this factor in terms of rodent control.

Strange Noises in the Night

Scrambling or scratching noises in the walls can be a sign of mice infestation. They are excellent climbers and capable of fitting their bodies anywhere. They are usually nocturnal. You will probably hear them at night.

Teeth Marks

The teeth of mice grow continuously. Hence, they gnaw on hard and indelible materials, such as wood, cables, plastics, electric wirings, etc. They chew through shielding and wiring, which will result in power outages and equipment damage.

Final Words

Whatever the type of infestation you will encounter on your property, we are available to help you. We, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., have a team of highly trained experts who can provide you with an eco-friendly solution. To dive deeper into our services, visit our Facebook page and read other blogs.