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Since 1991,Green Valley Pest Control has been providing certified residential, industrial and commercial pest control and extermination services throughout all the communities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) of BC.

We are Vancouver based leading pest control agency specializing in offering residential, commercial, and industrial pest removal services in Vancouver. Our certified technicians apply natural and customized pest control solutions.

When it comes to pest control and extermination service in Vancouver, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd is offering effective bed bug removal and other pest control solutions. We are licensed and experienced in pest control, including bed bugs, carpenter ants, rodents, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and insects. We are a call 604-685-4344 away!

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We at Green Valley Pest Control have been providing quality pest extermination services for more than 27 years. Our prime goal is to prevent your home from unwanted pests, rodents, and wildlife. Whether its bed bug control, rodent control, carpenter ant control or wildlife control is Vancouver, we handle all their projects with lots of efficiency. You just count on us!

We practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Our certified technicians keep our pest control methods environment-friendly by using natural pest control methods, including sanitation, pest proofing, habitat modification and trapping. Our experts use unmarked vehicles to visit our clients’ place.

Green Valley is a Vancouver pest control company and a member of the B.B.B. We hold several governments and University certifications and belong to several associations including:

HACCPHazard Analysis Critical Control Points (food safety)

AIBAmerican Institute of Baking (food safety and hygiene)

NPMANational Pest Management Association

SPMABCStructural Pest Management Association of BC

CPMACanadian Pest Management Association

PMRAPest Management Regulatory Agency

We pride ourselves on being the member of the B.B.B. and having government and university certifications including:

Present days, we have become the most preferred pest control agency in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, the Fraser Valley and communities throughout the Lower Mainland BC. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our clients.