Fall pest Control: Get Rid of Pest Infestation with Experts

Date:   27,Dec 2021

With the temperature dropping, not only do humans seek shelter inside, pests do too. You may notice pests- rodents or strange bugs in and around your house premises. These fall pests are searching for warmth to survive. But that does not mean you have to let them be.

Without any further ado contact, professionals for fall pest control. Because the more you delay the more it gets difficult to get rid of them. And once they start producing, their numbers grow eventually and their disturbance too.

In this following passage, let’s discuss some common fall pests that exterminators can help you to get rid of.

Common Pest Infestations In Fall Season

The following pests will disturb you during the fall season. Continue reading if you want to get rid of them:


Rodents love moving into your meek house during the winter. They tend to nest in dark places, such as your garage or basement. Rodents may be tiny, but they can endanger your property. They’re capable of eating through wires with ease. They’re also potential carriers of several diseases


Pest-like cockroaches have survived all kinds of disasters. In short, they’re one of the most common pests found around your home. Contact fall pest control if you notice their number increasing in winter.

Cockroaches can crawl through unbearably tiny gaps around doors and windows. The cunning cockroaches will most likely be entering your home and the groceries you bring in from outside.


In winter, spiders are also looking for warmth to shelter. They tend to build webs in basements, garages, and corners of the room through cracks and gaps in your home.

Bed Bugs

As the temperature drops, it is common for people to travel around. This holds in Canada, for the chilly cold weather. Unfortunately, this environment means bed bugs will chase in your home as well. They are the first-rated hitchhikers spread by latching onto clothes, luggage, etc.

Bed bugs become more active at night when you are usually sleeping. And yes, they tend to bite exposed skin, although the bites are painless and do not need treatment. It can cause redness, inflammation.

Once you spot any of these trouble-making pests within your modest home, don’t rely on DIY sprays or traps. Instead, contact a professional for fall pest control. The best exterminators will help your home get rid of the pests effectively and permanently.

You can also visit our Facebook page to check out our client’s feedback and reviews.

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4 Tips to Make Your Home Pest Free in This Christmas

Date:   14,Dec 2021

So, Christmas is coming! And there are a lot of things lurking in your mind for decorating your home, right? It’s exciting indeed! But the most important thing that you should think about on top of all that is pest control. In Vancouver, winter is the most common season when most households encounter pest infestation. And unfortunately, this can spoil your Christmas celebration.

Don’t worry! Here, we have introduced a few useful tips that can help you prevent unwanted critters from stirring in your house in this festive season.

Some Useful Tips for a Pest-Free Christmas

Check the Trees before Bringing Them in Your Home

Some insects hideout in Christmas trees. They actually try to make their way into your home. And in Vancouver, this happens to some homeowners every year. This is the reason why we suggest checking the trees and other greeneries that you want to bring into your house. Ants and spiders can infest pine and fir trees. And the chance is high that you may find insect eggs in Christmas trees.

Inspect Firewood

Nothing can be better than enjoying Christmas by experiencing the warmth that a fireplace provides. But unfortunately, it can invite a number of household pests that live inside firewood. Ants, termites, carpenter ants usually build their home in piles of firewood. Hence, it’s imperative to inspect and clean them properly before bringing them inside your house. And take small quantities of firewood to be used.

Unbox Decorations with Care

Christmas decorations typically lie dormant for most of the years. And you definitely keep these in warm and dark basements. So, what can be a better place for pests to live in? Your Christmas decorations can be their ideal spot for living. So, when you unpack the decorations, do it carefully so that any pests can’t escape into the rest of your house.

Store Leftover Food Properly

With all the craziness of this festive season, you may forget to clean up the leftover food. Sometimes, they are left out overnight. The dirty dishes are stacked up in the sink. And these are what can attract worms, rodents, etc. Hence, make sure you store all leftover food in containers properly and store them in the fridge this December. And before buying any food, check their expiration date.

Well, these tips will help you reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. But if it gets out of control, consider hiring us. We will provide an eco-friendly pest control solution at an affordable rate.

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Common Pests That Can Invade Your Home in the Winter

Date:   23,Nov 2021

So, the winter has arrived! Now it’s time to enjoy snowflakes, wear comfy socks, and drink hot chocolate. But have you taken apt measures for preventing your home from pest nuisance? Remember, this is the season when many pests try to invade your home. Who are they? Read the entire blog!

Common Winter Pests That Can Invade Your Home

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs love to travel between the locations on luggage, clothing, purse, etc. These harmful insects will not even give you relief in the winter. They can hide any nook and corner in a home. Bed bugs multiply rapidly and they are experts in sucking blood when you are sleeping.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are seen in the winter months. They aim to invade a home to build their nest and don’t have a plan on leaving. These winged ants can cause significant damage to a home like termites. They love to live in moist and rotting woods.


In the winter, the presence of spiders in a home is a common issue. These insects can cause serious illness with their poisonous venoms. They usually spin webs in undistributed spaces, such as crawl spaces, attics, basements. You can find them near woodpiles.


When the temperature starts falling, rats invade home in search of food. And once they enter, it can be difficult to get them eliminated. They have sharp teeth by which it’s easy for them to cut wooden items, wiring, etc.


Squirrels can pose a threat to your yard and garden. They usually breed during the winter and are very active during this time. They carry diseases and cause substantial yard damages.

Bottom Lines

Want to get rid of these pests? Call us immediately! We have a team of pest exterminators who will provide you with an eco-friendly solution. View our Facebook to know more about our services.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Take Measures for Mice Control

Date:   25,Sep 2021

Are you hearing suspicious scrambling behind walls for some days? Have you found black pellets in the basement? If yes, the chance is high that you have mice in your home. As the weather starts getting colder, these species invade buildings in search of food and shelter. So, wait no more! Call pest exterminators for mice control in Vancouver. But prior to that, check whether you have encountered the following signs or not.

Signs of Mice Infestation


The presence of dropping is the first evidence of mice infestation. They do 50 to 80 droppings per day, which are scattered all over your house. The droppings are elongated in shape. Fresh droppings are dark and moist. And when they age, these will turn grey and crumble easily.

Tears and Holes in Material

If you wonder about unexpected tears, holes in bedding, clothing and other materials, it’s a sure sign that mice are present. They use shredded materials to build nests. Their nests are usually located in cabinets, storage boxes, dark corners, etc.

Foul Smell

Mice infestation can cause a smell like stale urine. You will particularly get this odour in enclosed areas, such as cabinets, pantries, drawers, etc. The smell will also be evident in the areas where they travel, like baseboards and walls. Pest exterminators also pay attention to this factor in terms of rodent control.

Strange Noises in the Night

Scrambling or scratching noises in the walls can be a sign of mice infestation. They are excellent climbers and capable of fitting their bodies anywhere. They are usually nocturnal. You will probably hear them at night.

Teeth Marks

The teeth of mice grow continuously. Hence, they gnaw on hard and indelible materials, such as wood, cables, plastics, electric wirings, etc. They chew through shielding and wiring, which will result in power outages and equipment damage.

Final Words

Whatever the type of infestation you will encounter on your property, we are available to help you. We, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., have a team of highly trained experts who can provide you with an eco-friendly solution. To dive deeper into our services, visit our Facebook page and read other blogs.

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Have you Encountered Squirrel Infestation in Your Home? What Next?

Date:   24,Sep 2021

Squirrels are cute to see when they are chasing each other. But they are not adorable when you find the creatures in your home. If squirrel infestation gets out of control, you need to take immediate action to save your property. Otherwise, they can cause an unhealthy environment in your home and create all sorts of damages.

So, now you want an effective solution for squirrel control, right? Then pay attention to the following information.

Common Signs of Squirrel Infestation

Here are a few signs that indicate the presence of squirrel infestation in your home.

  • Chewed or damaged entry points
  • Strange noises
  • Droppings
  • A foul odour
  • Squirrel activities around your property

How Squirrel Infestation Can Affect Your Home

Squirrels in walls or attics pose several risks for homeowners. But these creatures can gnaw through anything, including electric wiring. Their presence may lead to the devastating fire in a home. Their urine will create an unsanitary condition for your family.

If a squirrel dies in your home, the odour can cause several health hazards, such as headache, nausea, etc. Hence, if you discover squirrel infestation in your house, get it eliminated as early as possible.

How You Can Prevent Squirrel Infestation

First of all, you need to inspect the exterior of your home and determine the areas that are accessible for them. If there are any holes and gaps, get these repaired. In this regard, vent screens and chimney caps are ideal for sealing any openings.

If you think they have already entered your attic, it’s prudent to stuff newspaper in the holes. And never make it easy for them to get on your roof. Keep all the tree limbs near the roof within 8-10 feet. This will deter the creatures from jumping from the limbs on your roof.

Squirrels hang around bird feeders. Therefore, if you see squirrels near the bird feeders, get these removed.

Should You Remove Squirrels Yourself?

You can try if you are confident in doing this task. Otherwise, you will put your family at further risk. You may think you will save money with the DIY approach. But if you don’t get a fruitful result, it will be time and money wastage.

Hence, to get a permanent solution, leave it to pest exterminators. The eco-friendly solutions they provide will keep your house pest-free.

Final Thoughts

Rely on our certified technicians without any hesitation. We offer effective pest control services in Vancouver at a competitive rate. No matter how severe the infestation is, you can contact us! And read other blogs to know more.

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5 Key Reasons Why Ants May Invade Your Home

Date:   20,Aug 2021

No matter what’s the season is, an ant infestation can be a huge problem inside a home. And unfortunately, it’s something that you can’t avoid. It can be hard for a homeowner to seal off the entire home. But knowing why they are invading can be a good starting point for ant control. And you can keep the invasion in your house to a minimum. Well, below are the reasons why you may encounter ant problems in your house. So, take a look at these!

Why You May Encounter Ant Infestation

Leaving out Food

Ants need food and water to survive like other species. They are always on the lookout for easy food sources. And that is the reason why ant infestation can be a common issue in a kitchen. If there are any places where the leftover food resides, you will see a number of ants. It’s one of the main reasons for ant infestation. Hence, to avoid this nuisance, clean kitchen spills regularly and keep food in airtight containers.

Greasy Surfaces

Greasy surfaces may hide on your stovetop and on the side of food containers. The ants are easily attracted by these subtle food particles. Therefore, make sure you wipe off jam jars, honey bottles so that there will be no sticky residue left. Wipe down the stove after cooking on daily basis.

Leaked Pipes and Faucets

Some types of ants need a reliable water source to survive. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that moisture and water are not lingering in moist areas, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. So, as a homeowner, make sure the windows are sealed during wet weather. And inspect the toilets and sink for leaks.

Sticky Garbage

You may forget to clean the garbage regularly. But ants have no problem diving into it to search for leftover food. And they are attracted to the things that contain sugar. Hence, try to rinse out the garbage bin regularly.

Decaying Wood around Your Home

Good rainstorms and leaky pipes will moisten the wood around your home. And this is what makes it a perfect hideout for ants. Ants usually make their nests in moist and decaying woods. If you observe rotting wood in the structure of your home, get it replaced immediately!

As a homeowner, it’s good to apply the DIY tricks. But there is no better alternative to professional help. We offer affordable pest control services in Vancouver. So, contact us if you need our help. We are available 7 days a week.

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Pests That Are Thriving in the Summer Heat in Vancouver

Date:   13,Aug 2021

Vancouver, the largest city of British Columbia, has a moderate oceanic climate. There are typically four seasons in this city. But the weather is usually warm from July to September. During this time, the temperature lies between 20 °C and 23 °C. But the pacific high-pressure system can provide a long period of good weather. However, in this city, summer is the season for all kinds of events. But unfortunately, if the climate gets warmer, pests emerge from their slumber and they are on a quest for food. And this is what leads to pest infestation in households.

In Vancouver, during the summer, several insects are thriving, which makes a homeowner’s life miserable. And it can be difficult for them to get rid of this nuisance if the following pests invade their homes.

Summer Pests That Can Even Ruin Your Sleep


Summer is the peak season of wasp. They build their nests anywhere in a home. This pain-inducing pest delivers a nasty sting that causes allergic reactions. You may feel pain, swelling, itching around the sting site. Besides, this dangerous pest is highly responsible for several health hazards. During the summer, a wasp nest can accommodate up to 6000 inhabitants. So, as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to take apt measures to eliminate this pest nuisance.

Make sure you keep the leftover food in a trash can or garbage bin. Seal the open spaces outside your home.


Though termites are small, never underestimate their wood-boring and destructive skill. This voracious pest emerges from the underground and looks for their meals. And if they target your home for deconstruction, they will start experimenting on the wooden structures.

Termite prevention can be challenging for homeowners. In most cases, homeowners usually discover termite infestation after observing significant damages in their property. Hence, to avoid this tragedy, ensure you keep wood debris, scrap lumber away from your home.


Summer is the season for ant invasions. And it can be truly troublesome if this tiny pest invades your home. They excavate lawns, raids the kitchen and in many areas in a home, ants can cause significant structural damages.

There are several steps you can take to keep ants out of your house. Ensure you properly seal up holes and store leftover food. And don’t forget to take out the trash on a daily basis.

These are the main three pests that you will observe during the summer in Vancouver. But with the DIY approach, you may not get a permanent solution. You must resort to pest control experts.

Bottom Line

To make your home free from pests, consider making a deal with us. We have a team of certified technicians who provide an eco-friendly solution for pest control. Read our other blogs to know more.

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Top FAQs About Bed Bugs & Their Relevant Answers

Date:   29,Jun 2021

Successful bed bug control is not an amateur’s cup of tea. This process involves different relevant factors, including significant factors associated with the infestation, the behaviour of this pest, etc.

Hence, you understand a proper knowledge about this nuisance is relevant. Well, if you can’t get sufficient information on bed bug control, worry no more! Read this blog and go after some FAQs about bed bugs and control methods. Start reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

Where Do They Live?

Well, this pest does not live in a limited area at all. You may find their irritating presence everywhere, beginning with apartments, single, multi-family homes, hospitals, appointments to office buildings. Even the luxurious five-star hotels can’t get rid of the bed bugs infestation!

Why Bed Bug Treatment Is So Tough?

You can’t compare this issue with the sanitation problems at all. Bed bugs cause some severe troubles. They come with an elusive nature, and you will find them in odd areas. Of course, you can’t deny the hardy nature of this pest.

Bed bugs don’t find any difficulty in living for several months, even without food. Also, they can withstand high temperatures like 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Constant observations and suitable treatments help to come out of this problem only.

Why Bed Bugs Cause Real Troubles?

To get an answer to this question, you need to know the problems this unwanted pest creates. Itchiness, allergic reactions, secondary infections are some of the many problems. Besides creating these issues, they may invade your property and even your neighbourhood quickly.

What Is The Best Mean To Control Bed bugs?

The successful bed bug control strategy starts with a careful inspection. The professional exterminators inspect all the suspected areas thoroughly before starting their works. After discovering their presence, they take the required means to eliminate this issue.

If you talk of the best bed bug control, hiring expert exterminators will be the best option. Don’t make the condition worsen by applying DIY means.

How To Remain Protected From Bed bugs infestations?

You can avoid infestation issues by following some easy tricks. As said already, inspection helps in preventing bed bug infestation. Hence, access your surroundings beforehand and make sure to bed bug is there. When returning from a long trip, check your luggage and bags carefully as well. Sometimes taking these safety measures beforehand can save your extermination cost easily.

Final Thoughts

However, to live in a hygienic bed bug-free property, you may contact us. We come with a reliable and skilled team of pest control experts and give affordable and quality pest control services. Call our reliable pest exterminators.

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4 Simple Hacks To Follow For A Pest-Proof Outdoor Dining!

Date:   16,Jun 2021

Eating your favourite meal outside with your beloved family members is an outstanding idea indeed! There is no denying that it would be a great family time. But how can you be sure that unwanted disturbances like ants, mosquitoes, flies will leave you alone? Well, it is not a big deal to get bothered at all!

To enjoy your meals in a pest-free environment does not necessarily require a professional pest control service. Just these simple tricks will serve your needs. Besides learning these tricks, know about the pest varieties that can ruin your outdoor dining scene in this blog.

Go After These Tricks And Have Your Dinner In A pest-Free Ambiance

Be Choosy About Location - Pests get attracted to the water bodies. So, if you plan to have a party beside a river or lake, it’s better to cancel this plan. Choose dry areas as your spot.

Food Safety Matters - Food attracts these unwelcomed guests most. They love to taste uncovered items. So, keep your foods covered and get rid of this problem.

Besides, give equal attention to the garbage cans. These are another favourite area of pests. Keep the garbage cans covered also like food.

Citrus Peel Could be Helpful - Well, it is the key reason behind manufacturing citrus-flavoured anti-bugs candles. Believe it or not, these candles can create magic when it is about keeping them away. So, use them wisely and make the environment pest-free.

Choose A Clean Area - Last but not least, choose a neat and clean spot as your picnic spot. Beginning with flies to mosquitoes, all types of pests love to invade dirty areas. So, selecting a clean area lessens the chances of this disturbance to a great extent.

Different pests That Can Crash Your Dining Experience

Now delve into continuing lines and know the pests that can create real troubles.

Ant - You know already how bothersome this tiny creature is. This pest with god-gifted signal capturing capacity finds the food source. To get rid of them, you need to destroy their colony.

Otherwise, you will find difficulty in getting rid of them. However, reliable pest exterminators can find their presence easily. So, you can call them to inspect the place beforehand.

Wasp nests - These nests are sufficient enough to cause a disturbance at the time of outside dining. It could be an intimidating issue, especially if the nest is a big one. There is no point to destroy them on your own.

After all, doing this may take a dangerous turn in the end. Instead, call the pest extermination experts and let them handle this issue.

Mosquitoes - Mosquitoes are everywhere, and getting rid of them is not an easy job. However, different remedies could be used like repellent sprays, candles and others that could eliminate them.

But for the best solution, you need to pay attention to the roots. So, be sure you are not choosing an egg-laying place of a mosquito as your picnic spot.

Contact us if you want to have your dinner or lunch in a healthy and pest-free environment. Our reputable pest exterminators are there to give you the best solutions as per your requirement.

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Wasp Nests In Walls? How To Remove Them Successfully?

Date:   01,Jun 2021

Wasp infestation is a frustrating problem in Vancouver and beyond. Almost all homeowners over there and other places get tired of trying different means to get rid of this unwanted pest. However, wasp nests are equally irritating, just like wasps!

So, if you find their nests at walls in your property, it’s better to take immediate action. However, the best way to get rid of these ugly nests is to opt for wasp control in Vancouver. Before that, you need to find them. Explore the ways how you can do this from the continuing part of today’s blog.

Things To Do If You Find Wasp Nests In Walls

Wasp nests come in different shapes and sizes. While some nest in the ground holes, others make single nests. Also, nests with many wasps are nothing uncommon. Compared to the other two varieties, the last one is more dangerous. The situation gets worsen if you find them on the front walls of your house.

Anyway, now get an idea about the things you require to do without wasting a minute.

Find Nests-It is the most significant task you require to do if you suspect their presence. Tap on the walls and try to understand whether there is something hollow behind the walls. Undoubtedly this is a time-consuming process. But experts suggest starting with this step.

Follow Wasps’ Activities- Keeping an eye on the wasps’ movements is also an effective trick. Follow wasps back to nests and check their movements carefully. They don’t enter nests through windows or doors at all. Instead, the queens prefer entering the house through a wall crack or vent.

From there, she starts building the nests and does this secretly until the wasp number increases. Try to seal entrances and exits with caulks to prevent them from entering.

Call Professional Pest Control Experts- Well, both these ways are helpful to eliminate wasp nests from your wall. But in cases these ways are not working, there’s no need to get bothered at all! Calling reputable wasps exterminators from reputable companies will save you from this unwanted problem.

It is not a tough task to find an expert offering wasp control in Vancouver. Different companies over there give peace of mind to the clients with the professional quality and useful services.

But keep one thing in mind. Make sure you are not keeping all the pest control companies in the same row. After all, each pest exterminator differs from others.

To get a suitable pest control solution at a fair price, go through the websites of different pest control companies and client reviews. And, of course, give equal attention to the rate. Search for affordable services without hampering the service quality.

Final Thoughts

If you seek quality and affordable wasp control in Vancouver, we can help! Our company aims to deliver suitable pest control solutions to clients at the best rate. All our experts try their best to give unmatched pest control solutions. Contact us now and avail of our services!

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Want To Rodent-Proof Your House In Fall? These Tips Can Help!

Date:   25,May 2021

Sudden dropping in temperature leads rodents to find warmer and comfortable places. It means they may prefer to invade your cozy home! And this tendency of rodents causes stress for all homeowners in Vancouver. To keep the property safe, all homeowners over there search for rodent prevention ways.

This blog could be helpful for you if you also want the same. Explore some tricks to keep your home rodent-free in the fall season. Start reading!

Ways How To Proof Your Home Against Rodents

Keep Your Yard Clean

Yard cleaning is a significant part of rodent proofing as this place gives shelter to rodents. Be sure there are no hanging leaves or trees close to the roof area. And don’t forget to lawn mowing and trimming to keep the yard clean. Last but not least, check whether piled-up debris or firewood is leaning against the room.

Give Attention To Possible Food Sources

Rodents get attracted by food like other pests. That is why; you need to eliminate food sources from your house. Start this work by removing the outdoor food sources, including birdseed, trash cans, pets food etc.

For indoor areas, go for regular mopping and sweeping. You need to be careful about food storing also. Try to use air-tight containers. And keep the dishes and utensils dirty. Wash them thoroughly after every meal.

Seal All Possible Entrances

It is another helpful rodent control tip that works for all seasons. Seal up all the tentative entry points of rodents. Begin it by scrutinizing even the ignorable openings.

Remember, mice can enter your home even via the smallest hole. They can make them wider at the time of entering. Places that they use as entry points are utility line openings, garage doors, tiny foundation cracks, etc.

Clean the Whole House

Well, I have mentioned the significance of keeping your yard area clean already. But only yard cleaning might not be the solution. Make sure your whole property is flawlessly cleaned.

Whether it is a drawing-room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place, mice find their ways in all spaces. Hence, opt for regular cleaning and keep rodents away in fall and other seasons.

Don’t worry, if you find rodents at your house even after following these tips. Rely on the experienced pest exterminators and live in a hygienic and rodent-free house.


Contact us to avail of effective rodent control services at a fair rate. We are a leading and dependable pest control company which makes sure to give the best services to the customers. We come with a skilled and trusted team of pest exterminators who can do their job like pros.

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Today’s Big Q: How To Make Your Storage Unit Rodent-Proof?

Date:   11,Jan 2021

Are you in the middle of a battle against existing rodents? Or trying to prevent an infestation from even happening? Either way, rodent proofing is fundamental to protect valuables in your storage.

Unlike home and office spaces, storage units are like to be vulnerable to rodent infestation as it stays unnoticed and unchecked most of the time. And the increasing rodent populations get easy access to safe heaven and food. Gradually they spread from unit to unit as they can reproduce fast. Within a short period, a small rodent infestation can turn into a large problem.

If you are looking out for the solution to rodent infestation, you have reached the right place. Below are some steps to take into account if the subject is rodent invasion.

Proven tips to prevent rodent infestation

So, proper storing of common attractants, sealing off points of access, sanitization is essential. It can reduce the possibility of future rodent issues. But what if you already have a rodent infestation in your storage unit? Whether you are dealing with rodents or want to cut off the stress, here are solutions for you.

Making storage unite rodent-proof doesn’t need to be nerve-racking or costly. It can be a simple matter of protecting the equipped possessions in your storage unit by proactive steps.

A well-sealed storage unit:

Make sure to choose a storage facility that is good enough to protect your belongings. So, check it in person, be sure any shrubbery or attractants are not nearby your storage unit. Also, confirm the garbage bins are with integral lid and disposed of on a regular basis. It even makes sense to ask for pest control.

A storage facility should look well-maintained and pristine. The floor needs to be clean, free of dust, and no sign of dampness at any corner, wall or even ceiling. Additionally, examine the doors. They should be in good condition and seal off holes if any. These are the indication of cleanliness and safe storage unit that you can buy or take on lease.

Use plastic containers:

Avoid using storage boxes made of cardboard as it attracts rodents and lets them nesting and creating an infestation. Instead, you can prefer using plastic containers that can be sealed. Your valuables will stay intact in the plastic containers as it is difficult for rodents to chew through the hard plastic.

Wrap furniture:

If you have items to store that won’t fit in boxes, such as pillows, curtains, any upholstered furniture, wrap them well in plastic. It will help to hide the items from direct exposure to rodents and prevent other damages.

No to food:

Even a well-sealed pack of snacks is enough to attract rodents such as rats and mice. So, never make the mistake of storing food in the storage unit.

Storage units are one of those places that tend to be infested by rodents. Even if you maintain to keep food away from your storage unit, inadvertently food, you may bring food. Want to know how? For example, containers that were once used to store food may have residue, and in case you keep it in the unit, it can cause rodent invasion. Keep in mind that a pinch of ketchup, butter or unwashed container and hands is sufficient to attract mice and rats.

So, ensure cleaning appliances thoroughly before storing them and wash hands well with handwash or soap.

Regular inspection:

To stay on top of pest control, check the storage unit regularly and look for infestation signs. If you spot any sign, take necessary steps against the invasion.

Use bait and pest repellents:

It is suggested to equip your storage unit with different rodent deterrents for long-term prevention. You can use mouse traps or rat poisons in this case, but make sure to check for dead rodents, or you can go for natural solutions.

Employ experts:

If you suspect a rodent issue, hire professional pest control experts. They can assess the extent of the rodent problem and provide effective service with suggestions to prevent future invasion and damages.

We, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., are committed to eradicating any existing pest infestation, whether it is a rodent problem or anything else. For any kind of help regarding pest problem, we are here to help you.

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Winter Wildlife Control: The Solution Is Here!

Date:   02,Jan 2021

Since raccoons, squirrels, rodents look cute and cuddly, those who have experienced wildlife infestation know the condition well. Common wildlife animals cause significant damages to properties and put the health of residents at risk. However, you can keep these troublesome pests out of your residential and commercials premises with professional wildlife control services.

Anyway, get more information on wildlife infestation and control throughout the following paragraphs.

Wildlife animals to look for during cold months

These are some problematic wildlife animals that cause infestation during the winter season.

  • Mice:

Though some species of rodents lie dormant during the winter months, house mice stay active this time. As the climate turns colder, they search for warn space for nesting. Mice are likely to choose dark and unoccupied places, for example, basements and attics.

Even though mice seem harmless, they can pose a substantial safety threat chewing through electrical cables and wires. In fact, they can transmit illness, for example, salmonella and Hantavirus.

  • Raccoons:

Raccoons do not go dormant in the winter months. Rather look for warm spots, for example, ground burrows of your yard, underbrush piles. To speak the truth, they are likely to be unseen in the winter season, and that’s the reason you may assume there is no raccoon within your premises. But the fact is their slow metabolism rate allows them to stay at a place for a long time. Furthermore, your chimney is the best place for raccoons to hide. It keeps them warm and helps to survive the winter. Don’t make mistakes. Consider wildlife control as early as you can. They don’t reside in your home but also damage it.

  • Squirrels:

Squirrels are a nuisance all along the years. They pose plenty of damages. From digging in gardens, chewing electrical wires to more, each of their activity is a threat for you and your property. Chewing through electrical wiring can be a reason for the fire that is frightening.

What attracts winter pests to my home?

Regardless of human beings and animals, food, shelter, and water are common requirements of creatures. And these bring pests and wildlife into your house, especially during the colder months. It is the time when they look for a warm place. They tend to enter through holes, cracks, open windows and doors behind your eyes.

These animals can hide in a small space available and do the maximum damage to your property. So, it is important to spot them as soon as possible. And take the necessary step to get rid of the infestation of wildlife.

How to identify wildlife tracks

  • Squirrel tracks are large and blocky prints have noticeable skinny toes when the track is fresh enough. You are probably tracking the track of a squirrel if it leads you to a tree or any similar climbing structure.
  • Rabbits are another nuisance for homeowners. It is easy to track rabbits in the snow. It is characterized by repeating footprints that form a thin and tall rectangle. The tracks are usually found in the four’s group. Where squirrels leave marks of long slender fingers, rabbits leave marks of their small circular toes.
  • Snow is not the only place to look for wildlife. Sometimes you need to check out your attics and basements. Maybe wildlife pests are living there for a long time. Also, look into your chimney and other possible places with proper protection for wildlife control. In addition, not wildlife only may leave tracks in the snow, your house cat or dog it may be. So, be careful while searching for wildlife by their track.

How to keep wildlife infestation out of my house during winter?

  • Seal cracks, holes and gaps

Sealing entry points of these troublesome wildlife pests is crucial to eliminate invasion. In fact, if there is a window broken a few days back, repair it as early as possible.

  • Remove food sources

No open food source – no infestation. Wildlife pests will probably search elsewhere if you don’t attract them with food. So, remove the birdseed, use trash with a lid and properly storing food are the things to consider.

  • Contact professionals

Trying to remove the winter wildlife problem yourself is not an ideal option. Instead of doing-it-yourself, use professionals who have enough experience.

If you have more queries about wildlife control, don’t hesitate to contact us, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd.

We are always here to help you out of any pest problem.

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Pest Control Vancouver: Checklist For Party Preparation

Date:   26,Dec 2020

Winter is not a comfortable season for pests, specifically for outdoor pests. That’s why they look for a shelter where they can survive the cold months without getting in trouble for food. And what can be a better alternative to a residential place in Vancouver? Therefore, an indoor pest problem may take a huge outlook during those winter days. Your home becomes a haven for these creatures where they easily get food and warm space to live.

Unfortunately, it is a great time for them to hide as it is also a holiday season. You decorate your entire house with lights and bring outdoor plants inside. The Christmas decoration, gifts and other decorating items give them the opportunity to seek out the perfect place to hide. That’s a reason one of the most important tasks is pest control in Vancouver during part preparation.

You may have plenty of things to do before and after setting up a party and pest prevention is one of them. Then let’s check out the party preparation checklist below.

Get ready for a winter party

Not only for Christmas parties, but the following tips are also for all those parties you may throw this winter season. So, dive into the upcoming paragraphs and get ready to enjoy the party.

Clean Out Those Cupboards:

Some of the parts of our cupboards often stay unused for a long time. And pests take advantage of it and start residing there. So, take time to clean out a single spot of your cupboard and remove the possibility of attracting pests. If you find a minimal sign of pest presence, check the cupboard properly.

Clean That Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the most favourite places for pests, such as roaches in any home. It is the place where the infestation can turn into food poisoning. When you are throwing a party, your prime responsibility is to serve your guest with the best food. So, keep your kitchen at a bay of the risk of food contamination with pest control in Vancouver.

Imagine your guests spot cockroaches in your kitchen. What will be the situation? It can harm your reputation and this news will be a hot topic at the party. If you don’t want to face a situation like this, check your kitchen and make it pest-free.

Take Out The Trash:

It should be one of the regular routines of every homeowner and is a must before parties. You may think the cold weather does not let the dirty smell of trash spread – you are wrong then. Pests have the ability to smell dirt. You can’t prevent it. So, clean the trash properly while preparing for the party.

Room Inspection:

While getting ready for the party, proper inspection of each room is a must for you. You should check that rooms that remain unused for several days or even months. In fact, these rooms are the most suspected rooms of your house. Check every corner, and be sure there is no pest anywhere in your house. It may not improve your reputation but will not let it down.

Pay attention to the greenery:

You may want to decorate your home with plants. It is, of course, an amazing idea. But it can be an opportunity for those pests to penetrate your home. So, before you bring plants in, check them properly.

After the party:

Possibly you are well-aware of the after-party mess. Well, clean out everything unnecessary as soon as possible. Also, restore all decorating items and seal them perfectly. If possible, examine them often to identify pest presence.

Pest control should be a part of every party preparation in Vancouver. For further information, we, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., is here to help you. So, you can contact us without any hesitation.

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Pest Control In Vancouver – It’s a Must For Warehousing

Date:   29,Dec 2021

Pest control is more than an important thing for manufacturing companies, especially for the food chain. However, it doesn’t exclude other warehouses, though. To ensure the third party audit can’t complain about pest existence, keeping warehouses pest-free is a vital requirement.

In most cases, business owners in Vancouver shift their focus to pest control programs when they notice a pest infestation. It includes prevention and eradication of the present pests instead of removing pests.

Warehouses have multiple entry points. With continual storage of goods, traffic, and repeated use of overhead access points, warehouses are exceptionally at the risk of pest invasion. So, warehouses are one of the recommended places for pest control in Vancouver. Pest infestation may occur to non-food groups too. That’s the reason, regardless of business material, pest control is a must.


Which species of pests usually seek harborage in Vancouver warehouses?

Whereas almost all pests can create an infestation in your warehouse, let’s talk about the main three categories.


Certainly, the rodent is one of the most common groups of pests to damage warehouse products around the world. With the aptitude and horrible habit of gnawing through any surfaces, rodents rapidly destroy non-food entities, for example, paper, clothes and furniture. And when they get in touch with food items, it results in contaminating the food.


Including ants, bugs, termites, beetles, there are plenty of pests that belong to this group. The main issue with insects is the ability to multiply rapidly. It can pose great damage in little time. So, consider pest control when insects create an infestation to your Vancouver warehouse.


Squirrel and raccoon are an example of wildlife that can create nuisance in your warehouse. They tend to damage the structure and almost any kind of warehouse product. In addition, their excrement can create a great issue.


A pest invasion in a warehouse leads to unpleasing results, such as –

  • Spoil reputation
  • Customers lose faith in the brand
  • Contracts may end up earlier
  • Because of non-compliance, you may need to go through possible prosecutions
  • A great loss in profit


To ensure a warehouse is free of any pest, it is essential to care for the goods until it reaches to the warehouse from the manufacturing stage. In fact, the goods carriers, vehicles are a part of the entire process. An in-house pest control program is not an ideal choice to make a warehouse pest free. A professional pest control program is a far better choice.

These are some steps that experts involve –

  • Properly executed inspection
  • Identification of the exact pests
  • Well planned pest removal program
  • Prevention barrier

In addition to pest control and prevention steps, experts can suggest what you should do to protect your warehouse from pest infestation.

Warehouse pest control in Vancouver is a task to be done by experts due to the vast space and a huge pest infestation possibility. As a leading company in this industry, we, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., have enough experience in warehouse pest management programs.

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Why to get the service like rodent control in Vancouver?

Date:   04,Sep 2019

Among the immense populace spike in Vancouver in Canada, in the most recent couple of years, mice, and different rodents are rapidly losing their characteristic environment. This drives them to invade in several households since they favor dull settling spots. That’s why rodent control service in Vancouver can be beneficial to many people around you and your locality. In many cases it has been found that people often use some obsolete methods in order to drive them out, they even try some rodenticides but in vain. In this context we, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd. offer you possibly the best considerable service in pest and rat expulsion, offering rodent, squirrel and mice control and other Vancouver annihilation services. You can call our Rodent Control team in Vancouver today for a free. We have a number of professional experts in this particular field and thus after you call us an accomplished Green Valley rat exterminator will visit your home, generally around the same time with a helping hand for you so that you can keep these rodents away from your property.

Unlike most of the organization, we do ensure you that our professional experts are enough skilled professionally so that they can offer you the best rodent control service at an affordable price. As expert professionals, we are properly authorized to utilize distinctive details that are exceptionally important during this procedure. Let me give you a brief overview how our professionals do the job.


House mice are the most well-known commensal rat. Physically, they are dark, weigh up to an ounce, their bodies are 3 to 4 crawls in length and the tail an extra 4 inches. The female achieves sexual development in 35 days and produces around 8 litters a year, with a normal of 6 baby mice for every litter. Therefore, it is best to contact our rodent control expert quickly. We give some incomparable mice expulsion services in Vancouver.


In fact, rats are bigger rodents that can increase their numbers rapidly and turn into a difficult issue for homes and organizations. Whether your house is now invaded with rats or in the event that you just suspect you may have a rodent issue, we, Green Valley, are ready to help you with common rodent control and rat annihilation techniques including sanitation, confining rodent access in difficult territories and utilizing rodenticides and experiencing bait assortment and assignment.

Alt text- keep the rodents away from your home


Many people do face a common problem of squirrel infestation Indoor squirrel infestations, for example, in your loft or garage can bring about significant issues in your family unit.

Squirrels can turn out to be entirely annoying, particularly on the off chance that they assume control over your terrace. Green Valley offers regular open air squirrel anti-agents and other characteristic squirrel control ways to deal with help you take control of your properties.

Notwithstanding mice, rats, and squirrels there are various different rodents that can bother or cause physical harm to your home and property. Green Valley Pest Control is a comprehensive rat control and irritation expulsion organization that can give eradication administrations to chipmunks and other regular rodents found in the Greater Vancouver territorial area.

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Be free from the irritation of wasps: take help of Green Valley Pest Control

Date:   04,Sep 2019

Wasps are the quite common pest that can product painful situation creating annoyance and painful stings. Those are mainly active in warm weather or summer. This can bite and getting relaxed from this wasp going to a professional one should be your best choice. At Vancouver, wasp control is handled seriously and from many of the sources this is done effectively.

Behavior, habits and diet:

Wasps are a kind of species which is categorized as social and solitary. They live along with human being in colonies that may be thousand in number. In these colonies, female wasps execute all of their duties in the nest and the variety of solitary wasps stay alone without having a colony.

If you consider another section of wasps, some are predatory whereas others are parasitic. The former mentioned wasp kill and consume other insects including other animals that they often use to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps prefer to lay their eggs on the living creatures like spiders and caterpillars. This can help in the management of rest of the pests, mainly in the sector of agriculture as a biological control agent.

Reasons of their entering home:

They come inside and make your room infectious as they look for-

  • A source of food
  • A nesting site
  • A place which is protected to hibernate
  • Happenstance or accident.

Process of getting rid of wasps:

Wasp infestation, this may be at outdoors or indoors, this is suggested to handle by the best pest management professional who have large experience to wasp control system. Their integrated program includes-

  • Inspection- this is the planning process considered as the first step in the wasp control management. In this stage, experts determine the required steps that must be effective in this control system.
  • Documentation- this is the step where all the procedures are scheduled.
  • Education: gather some information about these wasps and explain their behavior, their diet to the house owner makes this information useful.
  • Selecting the best way of wasp control- in this process, exterminators select the best possible way that is most suitable for the eradication of trace ofwasps from your home.
  • Sanitation- Keeping your area clean can effectively reduces the access to the wasp sources of food.

When you are in Vancouver, you can enjoy this wasps control by an efficient hand. Wasp control exterminator can provide you the best result. They at first find the root cause of this irritating problem and then take exact steps to control.

Sometimes, the chemical used in this may harm your family and your home environment. But if this use of chemical replaced with the natural way of pest control then how will be this? Definitely, you will be satisfied with this. At Vancouver you can enjoy non-toxic and as well as less-toxic wasps control system that will never reach any harm to you. This process is totally safe for you and your pets.

This pest control is not the work for all, going to a professional one should be the right choice. Before choosing a perfect professional you should gather some information about their past record. Be sure about the fact that how effective their service is and what is their process. Only an expert hand can give you relief from this wasp’s problem.

This is your duty to select the right one for your service. Always keep in your mind none other decision can fell more serious effect than this. At Vancouver, there are a number of sources from where you can avail this service. But to have the most wanted result you must select the best one at Vancouver.

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Have a brief discussion about pest control in Vancouver

Date:   04,Sep 2019

If you live in Vancouver then you must know that it is one of the very well-developed cities and people in this city are very modern and fashionable. It is seen that like other services, pest control service is one of the very common services to the people in this city and many people in this city avail this service in every day. Actually, it is seen that dominance of pest is one of the very common issues of the people in this city and most of the people have to face this issue. Under this circumstance, people in this city avail service from the reputable pest control service providing companies. A number of pest control service providing companies are developed here. If you also want to avail the best pest control service in Vancouver then you must follow this discussion carefully.

Why do people should hire professionals to control pest?

People don’t prefer tolerating the dominance of pest in their house. But it is seen that many people don’t pay serious attention on this kind of issue and that’s why they have to face many health issues. Some people use homely methods to remove pest from their house but these methods cannot provide permanent solutions. Under this circumstance, people should take help from professionals since professionals use latest tools and technologies to remove pest from their clients’ house. At this present time, a large number of people in Vancouver avail pest control service from the reliable companies.

How to hire the best pest control service providing company?

If you are interested to achieve effective pest control service then you must hire reliable pest control service providing companies. In order to hire the best pest control service providing company you must follow some necessary tips and those are;

  • People should avail this service from the company that has minimum 7 years’ experiences in this respective field.
  • Check that whether this company has sufficient numbers of professionals?
  • People should check the experience and efficiency of the professionals of this company.
  • Ask them whether the professionals of this company are able to provide organic solutions to their clients?
  • Check the clients’ reviews of the company
  • Ask them whether this company is able to provide their services at an affordable price to their clients?

Like many other people in Vancouver, if you are also very interested to hire a proficient company that provides high quality pest control service then you must contact with us, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd. We have many years’ experiences in this respective field and we have been providing effective service to our clients. We have many professionals and they have lots of knowledge about this service. We always provide organic solution to our clients and help them by removing pest from their residence. Our previous clients are very satisfied with our services. If you want to achieve more information about our company and our services then you must visit our official site at

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How to control the dominance of wasp in our house?

Date:   04,Sep 2019

Vancouver is one of the very beautiful and well-developed cities and people in this city are very modern and fashionable. You can find here various designs of beautiful houses. But it is very unfortunate that people in this city have to face the dominance of wasp in their house. You must know that people don’t prefer tolerating wasp in their house and that’s why they apply various homely methods. But it is seen that these homely methods are not able to provide successful results. Under this circumstance people should use wasp control service. According to the sources, many people in Vancouver avail wasp control service from the companies. In fact, we can say that wasp control is one of the very common services in Vancouver.

Since a large number of people in this city avail this service so many wasp control service providing companies are available here. But people should avail this service from a reliable company. If you also face same issue and want to avail this kind of service then you must know about this service properly.

What is wasp control service?

Service through which we can remove wasp from our house is known as wasp control service. By availing this service, professionals help people to prevent their house from wasp. You must know that wasp is one of the very common insects and this kind of insect is commonly seen around our house. Sometimes wasps make their wasp-nest inside our house. Most of the people afraid of this kind of insect since wasp sting when people come close to them. Though wasp sting is not life threatening but it is very painful. For this reason, people don’t prefer tolerating the dominance of wasp in their house. It is seen that to remove wasp from the house people in Vancouver hire professionals. Under this circumstance, people can take help from us, Green valley Pest Control Ltd.

Why do people hire professionals to control wasp?

Now you must be thinking that why do people hire professionals to remove wasp? Well, you must know that only professionals know the process of removing wasp successfully so people should take help from the professionals. Professionals use various advanced tools and technologies to remove this insect from our house. People who don’t have proper information about this service cannot handle this project properly. But remember, people should be very careful while selecting the professionals. In Vancouver, many wasp control contractors are available.

What should people follow while hiring professionals?

In order to hire the best wasp control service in Vancouver people should hire professionals very carefully. Before hiring the professionals, people should follow some tips and those are;

  • People should check the working experience of the professionals since only experienced person can remove wasp from their clients’ house permanently.
  • People should check that whether the professionals of this company are efficient?
  • People should ask the professionals whether they are able to provide organic solutions to their clients.
  • Check the clients’ reviews of the professionals since through the clients’ reviews people can get sufficient information about this service
  • People should ask professionals about the budget of the project

Since the dominance of wasp is one of the very common issues in Vancouver so a number of wasp control service providing companies have developed here. But to achieve satisfied results people should avail this service from us. We (Green Valley Pest Control Ltd) are one of the reliable wasp control service providing companies and we have many years’ experiences in this respective field. We have many professionals and our professionals are well-experienced and efficient so they handle their project very well. We always provide organic solution that helps people to prevent their house from wasp. We provide permanent solutions to our clients and make them happy. We offer effective service at an affordable price to our clients. All our previous clients are very happy with our services. If you also want to achieve further information about our company and our services then you must visit our official site at

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Get rid of Bed bugs with effective pest control

Date:   04,Sep 2019

Bed bugs are most annoying and uninvited guests of the home. It is a tiny insect that finds human or any animal blood pleasurable to feed itself. Not only the human body temperature but the carbon dioxide that we exhale is something enticing to these insects. They of course take advantage of their small size. You can’t see them as they can anywhere be hiding in the bed or the carpets or the soft toy that your kids play with. They are mostly active at night and prefer to give a bite onto the human body especially when it’s still. According to the researchers, their feeding time being within 2 am to 5pm they mostly feed on you in your sleep. Sometimes you may find them giving a bite on you during the day if you work all night long. In the midst of Vancouver the rising issues of bedbugs are increasing as bed bugs reproduce very quickly. Bed bugs can be seen in any tropical region of anywhere in the world. Also at Vancouver, these days, people more often face issues related to bed bugs. Like other pest control systems Bed bug control in Vancouver happens to be a better solution to the problem of bed bugs. Though found in other corners of the room, Bed bugs, being mostly common in beds it is called ‘bed’ bugs.

Where bed bugs come from?

When it comes to bed bugs you don’t really know how it comes even if you clean each and every corner of your living space and belongings regularly.

Many people assume that dirt causes the growth of the bed bugs but dirt doesn’t play such role in that.

They don’t fly but they often travel place to place and you may be the one who carrying those little creatures with your luggage after you stay at an infested hotel room. They may also hide in your clothing. Bed bugs don’t usually stay at one place they spread in new locations. It may be your neighbor’s place or other public places such as theatres via backpacks, coats and several other stuffs.

Many people happen to dump things that belong to the bed bugs but it doesn’t really help to reduce the growth of the tiny wingless insects.

All about bed bugs’ bite

Even if you can’t find them you may have them! Bed bugs may spread in a large scale but affect in a small manner. They leave certain biting marks and can cause itchiness to some while others don’t react at all. Bed bugs may bite any uncovered area of the skin. They don’t really spread any disease but surely irritate you and the bites are harmful for your body. Mostly the bites are painless and one may not happen to realize it. Commonly the sign a bed bug’s bite is small, flat bumps on the skin. Symptoms generally include redness, swelling and itchiness. Some people generally scratch the bed bug’s bite and it may cause itchiness in an extreme level. Some may also develop scars or a skin infection from extreme scratching of the skin. People, who are used to the bite, not necessarily feel any sort of irritation regarding the bite. Some have dogs in the home trained to sniff out the bed bugs.

Relief to the bed bugs

Since the exact cause of Bed bugs is not yet clear so far, it isn’t easy to destroy the generation of bed bugs. But you can surely control them from growing with the help of pest control systems. Pest controls are the only possible way out to the issues related to bed bugs. You can’t actually avoid the bed bugs but you can prevent them through some effective pest control treatments. There are wide ranges of pesticides available in the market and online to kill the bed bugs. Some work faster than others and some are natural products that cause no harm to humans while using it in the home.

Like other pest control service providers across the online, Green Valley Pest Control has been one certified residential or commercial pest control service providers. We mainly provide the service to eliminate bed bugs throughout all the communities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) of BC. We are capable of limiting the chemicals and help your home to rid of the unwanted insects around by using non toxic pest control methods. Customers appreciate our service and are satisfied as we ensure you bed bugs free life after experiencing our service.

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How to remove carpenter ants from your house?

Date:   04,Sep 2019

You must know that carpenter ant control is one of the very common home issues and many house owners suffer from this kind of issue. If you live in Vancouver then you must know that the people in this city are very familiar with this kind of issue. It is one of the very difficult home issues and professionals also face lots of troubles while handling this kind of issue. According to the sources, many people in Vancouver have to face the dominance of carpenter ant in their house. In order to control the dominance of carpenter ants, people in Vancouver hire carpenter ant control service.

Carpenter ant is a kind of largest black ant and this kind of ants are mostly active at night. These kinds of ants come into the house for food and shelter. These ants eat fruits, insects and meat. Carpenter ants take their shelter in the damp wood and they create a tunnel. These ants damage the furniture and the structure of the house and thus, these ants spoil the ambiance of our house. In order to prevent furniture and structure of our house from this kind of black ants, people should hire carpenter ant control service. Professionals use latest tools and technologies to remove these ants from their clients’ house. For this reason, people in Vancouver avail carpenter ant control service to remove these ants from their house.

Now you must be thinking that why do people hire professionals? Actually, it is seen that to control this kind of ant people apply many homely methods but these methods cannot provide permanent solution. Since professionals know this process very well so they can provide effective solution. Furthermore, professionals use many latest technologies to remove this kind of ant from their clients’ house. For this reason, people should take help from the professionals.

Factors that people should consider while hiring this service:

Before hiring the carpenter control service people have to consider some necessary factors and those are;

  • Reputable company: people should avail this service always from a reputable company since reputable company has many efficient professionals who can handle this project very well. So, before approaching the company people should check the business experience of the company.
  • Experienced and efficient professionals: Professionals who have lots of knowledge and enough experiences in this respective field can provide effective services to their clients. So, before availing this service people should check that whether this company has sufficient numbers of professionals or not.
  • Organic and permanent solutions: Before hiring this service people should check that whether this company is able to provide organic and permanent solutions to their clients or not.
  • Clients’ reviews: Since through the clients reviews people can get lots of information about the service of the company so people should check the clients’ reviews of the company carefully.
  • Price: It is very necessary to check the price of the project. So, before finalizing the deal people should ask professionals whether they are able to provide their service at an affordable price or not.

Since many people in Vancouver avail this kind of service so many companies that offer carpenter ant control service are available here. In order to achieve effective service you must avail this service from Green Valley Pest Control Ltd. It is a reputable pest control service providing company is Vancouver and this company has many years’ experiences in this respective field. Professionals of this company are very experienced and they have lots of knowledge about this topic so they are able to remove carpenter ants from their clients’ house permanently. Professionals of this company provide organic solution to remove these ants from the house. This company provides their services at an affordable price and all the previous clients of this company are very satisfied with their service. If you are looking to approach this company then you must visit their official site at

Hope, this discussion will help you to find the right company for removing carpenter ants from your house.

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