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Get rid of Bed bugs with effective pest control

Bed bugs are most annoying and uninvited guests of the home. It is a tiny insect that finds human or any animal blood pleasurable to feed itself. Not only the human body temperature but the carbon dioxide that we exhale is something enticing to these insects. They of course take advantage of their small size. You can’t see them as they can anywhere be hiding in the bed or the carpets or the soft toy that your kids play with. They are mostly active at night and prefer to give a bite onto the human body especially when it’s still. According to the researchers, their feeding time being within 2 am to 5pm they mostly feed on you in your sleep. Sometimes you may find them giving a bite on you during the day if you work all night long. In the midst of Vancouver the rising issues of bedbugs are increasing as bed bugs reproduce very quickly. Bed bugs can be seen in any tropical region of anywhere in the world. Also at Vancouver, these days, people more often face issues related to bed bugs. Like other pest control systems Bed bug control in Vancouver happens to be a better solution to the problem of bed bugs. Though found in other corners of the room, Bed bugs, being mostly common in beds it is called ‘bed’ bugs.

Where bed bugs come from?

When it comes to bed bugs you don’t really know how it comes even if you clean each and every corner of your living space and belongings regularly.

Many people assume that dirt causes the growth of the bed bugs but dirt doesn’t play such role in that.

They don’t fly but they often travel place to place and you may be the one who carrying those little creatures with your luggage after you stay at an infested hotel room. They may also hide in your clothing. Bed bugs don’t usually stay at one place they spread in new locations. It may be your neighbor’s place or other public places such as theatres via backpacks, coats and several other stuffs.

Many people happen to dump things that belong to the bed bugs but it doesn’t really help to reduce the growth of the tiny wingless insects.

All about bed bugs’ bite

Even if you can’t find them you may have them! Bed bugs may spread in a large scale but affect in a small manner. They leave certain biting marks and can cause itchiness to some while others don’t react at all. Bed bugs may bite any uncovered area of the skin. They don’t really spread any disease but surely irritate you and the bites are harmful for your body. Mostly the bites are painless and one may not happen to realize it. Commonly the sign a bed bug’s bite is small, flat bumps on the skin. Symptoms generally include redness, swelling and itchiness. Some people generally scratch the bed bug’s bite and it may cause itchiness in an extreme level. Some may also develop scars or a skin infection from extreme scratching of the skin. People, who are used to the bite, not necessarily feel any sort of irritation regarding the bite. Some have dogs in the home trained to sniff out the bed bugs.

Relief to the bed bugs

Since the exact cause of Bed bugs is not yet clear so far, it isn’t easy to destroy the generation of bed bugs. But you can surely control them from growing with the help of pest control systems. Pest controls are the only possible way out to the issues related to bed bugs. You can’t actually avoid the bed bugs but you can prevent them through some effective pest control treatments. There are wide ranges of pesticides available in the market and online to kill the bed bugs. Some work faster than others and some are natural products that cause no harm to humans while using it in the home.

Like other pest control service providers across the online, Green Valley Pest Control has been one certified residential or commercial pest control service providers. We mainly provide the service to eliminate bed bugs throughout all the communities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) of BC. We are capable of limiting the chemicals and help your home to rid of the unwanted insects around by using non toxic pest control methods. Customers appreciate our service and are satisfied as we ensure you bed bugs free life after experiencing our service.