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The good news (if you can call it that) is that bed bugs are not dangerous and are not known to spread diseases but the thought of finding bed bugs in Vancouver hotels, motels or even your own home can still be very unsettling.The following bed bug information about how to identify, remove and protect your home from bed bug infestations in Vancouver is provided compliments of Green Valley Pest Control, Vancouver BC. Whether you are staying in a Vancouver hotel soon or want to protect your family home against bed bug infestations, Green Valley Pest Control is committed to bed bug protection and control using smart prevention and effective bed bug control methods.

Since 1991 our local Vancouver exterminators have been practising environmentally friendly and effective control and removal techniques for bed bugs. Our bed bug inspections and heat treatments offered to residents throughout the Greater Vancouver area are 100% Guaranteed.Continue reading or contact us today for information about how to eliminate future bed bugs infestations in your Vancouver, Surrey or other Vancouver Lower Mainland residence.

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Quick Bed Bug Facts

One of the most commonly asked question about bed bugs is “How do you get rid of bed bugs?”

Most often bed bugs are transported from an infested area by clinging to clothing, luggage, furniture or bedding. Once bed bugs have been brought into your home there are several bed bug facts you should know:

  • The average bed bug life span is about 10 months
  • Bed bugs live or hide close to where humans sleep
  • Bed bugs survive off of human blood and typically feed for 3 to 15 minutes
  • If disturbed, they can start a second “blood meal” causing multiple bed bug bites
  • Bed bugs can survive weeks to months without feeding by becoming inactive

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

To find bed bugs in your home look for unexplained bite marks on your skin, black or dark red spots on your bed sheets and mattress and bed bug skin shedding. If your bed bug infestation is severe you may also notice a musty or sweet odor.

Another trick to identifying bed bugs is to put double sided tape around your sleeping quarters including the legs of the bedframe. This usually traps bed bugs for identification purposes; information that your bed bug exterminator will need.If you are unsure whether you have a bed bug problem call Green Valley Pest Control at 1-604-685-4344. Green Valley can schedule a free bed bug inspection. Our friendly technician will visit your home in an unmarked service vehicle and prescribe an effective bed bug treatment program if needed.

Common Bed Bug Symptoms

Because bed bugs feed off of human blood, people sleeping in an infested home or in a hotel with bed bugs will most likely experience some bed bug bites. Some people do not have any reaction or negative side effects to these bed bug bites while others can get intense bed bug rashes that are itchy and red.The initial bed bug bite is painless but after a few days the wound can become itchy and be prone to infection.Most people, even if they do not experience negative side effects from a bed bug bite, often experience anxiety and distress as a result of being invaded by bed bugs.

Bed Bugs in Vancouver Hotels

Recently bed bugs in Vancouver hotels and bed bugs in hotels across Canada and the United States have been a hot topic.The recent spread in infestation and awareness towards this topic is causing many to double check for bed bugs in hotels while travelling.If you are staying in a hotel in the future, there are several tips you can follow to prevent carrying the infestation back home with you:

  • Check your room thoroughly for bed bugs. Know what bed bugs look like and check all the common places bed bugs hide including beds, near beds, bedroom furniture and in tufts, folds and seams of mattresses. Bed bugs can also hide behind the headboard, baseboards, windows and door casings and loosened wallpaper.
  • Change rooms if necessary. If you notice bed bugs, request a different room right away or consider staying at a different hotel.
  • Protect your luggage. Since bed bugs can live in the carpet we highly recommend placing your luggage in the bathroom while you check the room. Even if you don’t find bed bugs you can take extra precaution by covering your bags or using luggage racks.
  • Avoid placing objects on the floor and bed. Be sure to keep everything off the bed and carpet, including clothing, jackets and hats.
  • Treat items when you return home. When you return home treat your luggage and clothing with a steamer or by washing, or by freezing.

Bed Bugs Registry Vancouver

A great resource for people living in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is the Bed Bugs Registry.
The Bed Bug Registry is an online database where the public submits bed bug reports from across Canada and the United States. Since 2006 renters and travellers have used the registry to report bed bugs in hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theatres, libraries and other public locations.As of January 11, 2013 there are 1,944 report cases of bed bugs in Vancouver. In addition to submitting your own report you can also look up reports for bed bugs in Vancouver hotels or bed bugs in Vancouver apartments before you make any reservations or sign any lease agreements.

Bed Bug Prevention – How to Protect Yourself Against Bed Bugs

There are several precautions you can take to prevent carrying bed bugs into your home:

  • Check any second hand goods purchases for bed bugs. Make sure to wash and dry (at least 20 minutes on high heat), freeze or steam items to be sure.
  • Use the online Bed Bug Registry to check into local hotels before booking and always check your hotel room for bed bug infestation.
  • Avoid homes with known bed bug infestations until the space has been properly treated.
  • Rips and tears in your mattress provide more opportunity for bed bugs to hide.

Bed Bug Apartment Prevention

If you live in a Vancouver apartment building, be sure to notify your landlord or strata as soon as you notice bed bugs. Bed bugs are fast moving and can move between apartment units. The sooner an infestation in a multi-tenant building is treated the better.If you rent your apartment, condo or home, it is the landlord’s responsibility to take care of the bed bug problem. Tenants must allow bed bug exterminators such as Green Valley into their home and should follow all bed bug control tips and guidelines.

Bed Bug Treatment in Vancouver – Green Valley Pest Control

As most people come to learn, exterminating bed bugs in Vancouver is not a simple DIY project to handle on your own.If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home or have questions about bed bug prevention, it is best to contact a Green Valley Pest Control professional right away. The longer you wait the more the bed bug problem can grow out of control.Green Valley also provides bed bug inspection dogs. These are highly trained dogs that can use their ultra sensitive sense of smell to detect bed bugs and bed bug eggs with phenomenal accuracy. We use bed bug inspection dogs in conjunction with human inspection since this is a more accurate way to find and eliminate bed bugs.At Green Valley Pest Control, we have the experience, tools and natural organic pest control abilities to treat Vancouver bed bug infestations in your home, hotel or apartment.Contact us today for a free onsite bed bug control inspection, diagnosis and quote!

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