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Want To Rodent-Proof Your House In Fall? These Tips Can Help!

Rodent Control

Sudden dropping in temperature leads rodents to find warmer and comfortable places. It means they may prefer to invade your cozy home! And this tendency of rodents causes stress for all homeowners in Vancouver. To keep the property safe, all homeowners over there search for rodent prevention ways.

This blog could be helpful for you if you also want the same. Explore some tricks to keep your home rodent-free in the fall season. Start reading!

Ways How To Proof Your Home Against Rodents

Keep Your Yard Clean

Yard cleaning is a significant part of rodent proofing as this place gives shelter to rodents. Be sure there are no hanging leaves or trees close to the roof area. And don’t forget to lawn mowing and trimming to keep the yard clean. Last but not least, check whether piled-up debris or firewood is leaning against the room.

Give Attention To Possible Food Sources

Rodents get attracted by food like other pests. That is why; you need to eliminate food sources from your house. Start this work by removing the outdoor food sources, including birdseed, trash cans, pets food etc.

For indoor areas, go for regular mopping and sweeping. You need to be careful about food storing also. Try to use air-tight containers. And keep the dishes and utensils dirty. Wash them thoroughly after every meal.

Seal All Possible Entrances

It is another helpful rodent control tip that works for all seasons. Seal up all the tentative entry points of rodents. Begin it by scrutinizing even the ignorable openings.

Remember, mice can enter your home even via the smallest hole. They can make them wider at the time of entering. Places that they use as entry points are utility line openings, garage doors, tiny foundation cracks, etc.

Clean the Whole House

Well, I have mentioned the significance of keeping your yard area clean already. But only yard cleaning might not be the solution. Make sure your whole property is flawlessly cleaned.

Whether it is a drawing-room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place, mice find their ways in all spaces. Hence, opt for regular cleaning and keep rodents away in fall and other seasons.

Don’t worry, if you find rodents at your house even after following these tips. Rely on the experienced pest exterminators and live in a hygienic and rodent-free house.


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Today’s Big Q: How To Make Your Storage Unit Rodent-Proof?

rodent control

Are you in the middle of a battle against existing rodents? Or trying to prevent an infestation from even happening? Either way, rodent proofing is fundamental to protect valuables in your storage.

Unlike home and office spaces, storage units are like to be vulnerable to rodent infestation as it stays unnoticed and unchecked most of the time. And the increasing rodent populations get easy access to safe heaven and food. Gradually they spread from unit to unit as they can reproduce fast. Within a short period, a small rodent infestation can turn into a large problem.

If you are looking out for the solution to rodent infestation, you have reached the right place. Below are some steps to take into account if the subject is rodent invasion.

Proven tips to prevent rodent infestation

So, proper storing of common attractants, sealing off points of access, sanitization is essential. It can reduce the possibility of future rodent issues. But what if you already have a rodent infestation in your storage unit? Whether you are dealing with rodents or want to cut off the stress, here are solutions for you.

Making storage unite rodent-proof doesn’t need to be nerve-racking or costly. It can be a simple matter of protecting the equipped possessions in your storage unit by proactive steps.

A well-sealed storage unit:

Make sure to choose a storage facility that is good enough to protect your belongings. So, check it in person, be sure any shrubbery or attractants are not nearby your storage unit. Also, confirm the garbage bins are with integral lid and disposed of on a regular basis. It even makes sense to ask for pest control.

A storage facility should look well-maintained and pristine. The floor needs to be clean, free of dust, and no sign of dampness at any corner, wall or even ceiling. Additionally, examine the doors. They should be in good condition and seal off holes if any. These are the indication of cleanliness and safe storage unit that you can buy or take on lease.

Use plastic containers:

Avoid using storage boxes made of cardboard as it attracts rodents and lets them nesting and creating an infestation. Instead, you can prefer using plastic containers that can be sealed. Your valuables will stay intact in the plastic containers as it is difficult for rodents to chew through the hard plastic.

Wrap furniture:

If you have items to store that won’t fit in boxes, such as pillows, curtains, any upholstered furniture, wrap them well in plastic. It will help to hide the items from direct exposure to rodents and prevent other damages.

No to food:

Even a well-sealed pack of snacks is enough to attract rodents such as rats and mice. So, never make the mistake of storing food in the storage unit.

Storage units are one of those places that tend to be infested by rodents. Even if you maintain to keep food away from your storage unit, inadvertently food, you may bring food. Want to know how? For example, containers that were once used to store food may have residue, and in case you keep it in the unit, it can cause rodent invasion. Keep in mind that a pinch of ketchup, butter or unwashed container and hands is sufficient to attract mice and rats.

So, ensure cleaning appliances thoroughly before storing them and wash hands well with handwash or soap.

Regular inspection:

To stay on top of pest control, check the storage unit regularly and look for infestation signs. If you spot any sign, take necessary steps against the invasion.

Use bait and pest repellents:

It is suggested to equip your storage unit with different rodent deterrents for long-term prevention. You can use mouse traps or rat poisons in this case, but make sure to check for dead rodents, or you can go for natural solutions.

Employ experts:

If you suspect a rodent issue, hire professional pest control experts. They can assess the extent of the rodent problem and provide effective service with suggestions to prevent future invasion and damages.

We, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd., are committed to eradicating any existing pest infestation, whether it is a rodent problem or anything else. For any kind of help regarding pest problem, we are here to help you.