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Want To Rodent-Proof Your House In Fall? These Tips Can Help!

Sudden dropping in temperature leads rodents to find warmer and comfortable places. It means they may prefer to invade your cozy home! And this tendency of rodents causes stress for all homeowners in Vancouver. To keep the property safe, all homeowners over there search for rodent prevention ways.

This blog could be helpful for you if you also want the same. Explore some tricks to keep your home rodent-free in the fall season. Start reading!

Ways How To Proof Your Home Against Rodents

Keep Your Yard Clean

Yard cleaning is a significant part of rodent proofing as this place gives shelter to rodents. Be sure there are no hanging leaves or trees close to the roof area. And don’t forget to lawn mowing and trimming to keep the yard clean. Last but not least, check whether piled-up debris or firewood is leaning against the room.

Give Attention To Possible Food Sources

Rodents get attracted by food like other pests. That is why; you need to eliminate food sources from your house. Start this work by removing the outdoor food sources, including birdseed, trash cans, pets food etc.

For indoor areas, go for regular mopping and sweeping. You need to be careful about food storing also. Try to use air-tight containers. And keep the dishes and utensils dirty. Wash them thoroughly after every meal.

Seal All Possible Entrances

It is another helpful rodent control tip that works for all seasons. Seal up all the tentative entry points of rodents. Begin it by scrutinizing even the ignorable openings.

Remember, mice can enter your home even via the smallest hole. They can make them wider at the time of entering. Places that they use as entry points are utility line openings, garage doors, tiny foundation cracks, etc.

Clean the Whole House

Well, I have mentioned the significance of keeping your yard area clean already. But only yard cleaning might not be the solution. Make sure your whole property is flawlessly cleaned.

Whether it is a drawing-room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place, mice find their ways in all spaces. Hence, opt for regular cleaning and keep rodents away in fall and other seasons.

Don’t worry, if you find rodents at your house even after following these tips. Rely on the experienced pest exterminators and live in a hygienic and rodent-free house.


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