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Winter Wildlife Control: The Solution Is Here!

Since raccoons, squirrels, rodents look cute and cuddly, those who have experienced wildlife infestation know the condition well. Common wildlife animals cause significant damages to properties and put the health of residents at risk. However, you can keep these troublesome pests out of your residential and commercials premises with professional wildlife control services.

Anyway, get more information on wildlife infestation and control throughout the following paragraphs.

Wildlife animals to look for during cold months

These are some problematic wildlife animals that cause infestation during the winter season.

  • Mice:

Though some species of rodents lie dormant during the winter months, house mice stay active this time. As the climate turns colder, they search for warn space for nesting. Mice are likely to choose dark and unoccupied places, for example, basements and attics.

Even though mice seem harmless, they can pose a substantial safety threat chewing through electrical cables and wires. In fact, they can transmit illness, for example, salmonella and Hantavirus.

  • Raccoons:

Raccoons do not go dormant in the winter months. Rather look for warm spots, for example, ground burrows of your yard, underbrush piles. To speak the truth, they are likely to be unseen in the winter season, and that’s the reason you may assume there is no raccoon within your premises. But the fact is their slow metabolism rate allows them to stay at a place for a long time. Furthermore, your chimney is the best place for raccoons to hide. It keeps them warm and helps to survive the winter. Don’t make mistakes. Consider wildlife control as early as you can. They don’t reside in your home but also damage it.

  • Squirrels:

Squirrels are a nuisance all along the years. They pose plenty of damages. From digging in gardens, chewing electrical wires to more, each of their activity is a threat for you and your property. Chewing through electrical wiring can be a reason for the fire that is frightening.

What attracts winter pests to my home?

Regardless of human beings and animals, food, shelter, and water are common requirements of creatures. And these bring pests and wildlife into your house, especially during the colder months. It is the time when they look for a warm place. They tend to enter through holes, cracks, open windows and doors behind your eyes.

These animals can hide in a small space available and do the maximum damage to your property. So, it is important to spot them as soon as possible. And take the necessary step to get rid of the infestation of wildlife.

How to identify wildlife tracks

  • Squirrel tracks are large and blocky prints have noticeable skinny toes when the track is fresh enough. You are probably tracking the track of a squirrel if it leads you to a tree or any similar climbing structure.
  • Rabbits are another nuisance for homeowners. It is easy to track rabbits in the snow. It is characterized by repeating footprints that form a thin and tall rectangle. The tracks are usually found in the four’s group. Where squirrels leave marks of long slender fingers, rabbits leave marks of their small circular toes.
  • Snow is not the only place to look for wildlife. Sometimes you need to check out your attics and basements. Maybe wildlife pests are living there for a long time. Also, look into your chimney and other possible places with proper protection for wildlife control. In addition, not wildlife only may leave tracks in the snow, your house cat or dog it may be. So, be careful while searching for wildlife by their track.

How to keep wildlife infestation out of my house during winter?

  • Seal cracks, holes and gaps

Sealing entry points of these troublesome wildlife pests is crucial to eliminate invasion. In fact, if there is a window broken a few days back, repair it as early as possible.

  • Remove food sources

No open food source – no infestation. Wildlife pests will probably search elsewhere if you don’t attract them with food. So, remove the birdseed, use trash with a lid and properly storing food are the things to consider.

  • Contact professionals

Trying to remove the winter wildlife problem yourself is not an ideal option. Instead of doing-it-yourself, use professionals who have enough experience.

If you have more queries about wildlife control, don’t hesitate to contact us, Green Valley Pest Control Ltd.

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